There is nowhere our brains won’t stretch to create amazing. After all, ideas abound when you’re boundless…

For almost 4 decades, McCann Health NJ has unflinchingly taken on new challenges and been rewarded with wins we celebrate together.


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In the new world of healthcare, why limit yourself? Why just build brands when you can create amazing?

It’s no secret that the industry of healthcare has lived in the status quo for a long time. But the world has moved on–from local to global, from advertising to engagement, from constrained to unlimited.

Now with a full-service offering in NJ–seamlessly spanning consumer (McCann Health) to professional (McCann Torre Lazur)–we promise to deliver the most exceptional experience for client partners and team members alike.

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Amazing work

Open-minded. Inspired. Bold. Anyone can create—but we dare to create amazing.

McCann Health NJ specializes in delivering fearless, groundbreaking healthcare communications to professionals and patients via print and interactive media. Nothing thrills us more than finding the most creative solutions to the healthcare problems we all see every day.

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Amazing clients

There is no limit to what we can accomplish together. Let’s create amazing—from launch through life.

From sparking intrigue during market development to rekindling interest in the story of a well-established brand, McCann Health NJ lives to help our client partners solve their most pressing challenges.

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We believe...

We’re built on a foundation of risk takers and game changers—courageous creators of truly amazing things.

At McCann Health NJ, our leaders pave the way by embodying and instilling our core values:

+ ideas worth
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+ we vs i.
+ winning

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Create amazing with us

Whether you are an interested client, a potential teammate, or just curious, we’d love to create amazing with you.

McCann Health NJ prides itself on having both amazing clients and amazing teams. We work hard, we win awards, but most importantly, we help people. We also give ourselves (and our ideas!) room to breathe. We’re most inspired when we’re limitless and living life.

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Are We Smoking Blind to the Truth?

Smoking Blind: An experiential initiative to bring awareness to the link between smoking and blindness


Next to aging, smoking is the number 1 risk factor for irreversible vision loss and blindness, affecting more than 11 million people in the United States alone. People know about the risks of cancer and death from smoking, but only 76% of Americans are aware that it can also cause blindness.


What you don’t know can hurt you.


We partnered with Prevent Blindness to create an experiential stunt to bring people eye-to-eye with the truth about the risk of blindness caused by smoking. Smokers unknowingly made purchases from our cigarette machine, only to discover braille packs containing glasses that simulated blindness. By reimagining well-known icons of smoking–the cigarette pack, the cigarette machine, and the cigarette itself–we are spreading the word to help save people’s sight.

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Smoking Blind Website Example

What If You Could Save A Life?

#Worthliving: The Orange Project,
A suicide prevention initiative created by teens for teens


Suicide is the second-leading cause of death in teens around the world with more than 5000 young people aged 11 to 18 years attempting to take their lives every day. The stigma that surrounds suicide and mental health prevents today’s youth from talking about how they are feeling. This is compounded by the fact that most teens share only curated, perfected versions of their worlds on social media, leading others who may be struggling to withdraw instead of reaching out for help.


A kind word can make a difference.


Connectedness is crucial to individuals who may be vulnerable to suicide. The Orange Project helps teens connect to teens by stripping away the technology they use to project a perfect self, and using “low-tech,” deeply personal, handwritten notes of hope. By reaching out to crisis counselors and anti-bullying advisors with school kits, The Orange Project has been incorporated into classes, health and wellness days, and other school events.

Orange Project Kit Example
Orange Project Note Example
Orange Project Website Example

Live2Thrive Patient Support Program

Bringing Help And Hope To The Cystic Fibrosis Community


Imagine life ending at 39. Imagine spending several hours a day with therapeutic devices that clear mucus from your lungs. Imagine all the things missed because your body–your life–is not like other people’s. Add to that the looming threat of financial ruin—hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on digestive enzymes and supplements because your body can’t absorb or break down food properly. This is life with cystic fibrosis (CF).


Our clients asked a simple question: “How can we make life easier for people with CF?”


The average person with CF will consume more than 10,000 pills and require 640 hours of therapy each year. Healthcare costs can run as high as $100,000 a year for prescriptions alone. To address this financial burden, we created an online community that educates and provides assistance to thousands of patients who would otherwise not be able to meet the expense of their CF care regimen. Live2Thrive offers a generous copay assistance program, even offering vitamins and supplements free of charge. Patients can also earn and redeem points for helpful products, ranging from nebulizers and lancets to an iPod touch. With the reward center and the educational content on the site, the Live2Thrive initiative aims to ease the challenges of CF for patients and their caregivers. Perhaps most importantly, it offers a way for the CF community to connect and find hope.

Live2Thrive Website Example
Live2Thrive Recipe Example
Live2Thrive Recipe List Example

OINeVer Knew

A nauseating side effect finally gets the attention it deserves


Immediate-release opioids are oftentimes necessary after an injury or surgical procedure, but they come with numerous side effects including opioid-induced nausea and vomiting (OINV). Most HCPs do not realize how prevalent, severe, and unpredictable OINV is and how damaging it can be to their patients’ recoveries.


The smallest flaw in even the most perfect thing becomes the biggest distraction.


Help HCPs understand the impact that OINV has on their patients’ recoveries by making them feel it themselves, so they can start to “See OINV Differently.”

OINV Booth Rendering
OINV Website Example
OINV Direct Mailer Example

Marcia Goddard / President

By partnering with clients and leveraging her extensive category and customer knowledge, Marcia demonstrates her long-standing commitment to building successful brands. With enthusiasm and dedication, she pushes the creative minds at McCann Health NJ to generate conceptual work that is strategically sound, uniquely creative, and consistently recognized by industry accolades. Leading our talented creatives in both the New Jersey and San Francisco offices, she helps develop work that makes an impact for clients. Marcia’s dedication over the past 20 years has helped McCann Health NJ earn a well-known reputation for a strong, award-winning product and a bold, creative spirit.

“The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.”
—Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Lauren Lewis / EVP, Managing Director

A dynamic and efficient leader, Lauren brings passion and dedication to all of her brands. Her marketing acumen and commitment have led her to fill roles on the client side to keep business momentum moving. Having led multidisciplinary teams, Lauren has proven herself adept at strategically promoting to different marketing segments and ensuring seamless integration and optimal outcomes across all customers and channels; often through the development of effective models and guidelines for cross-functional brand and agency teams.

“Great things never came from comfort zones.”

Pete Irizarry / EVP, Managing Director

Pete has led a distinguished career working on a diversified group of blockbuster brands for large, blue-chip global pharmaceutical and biotech companies such as Gilead, Novo Nordisk, Shire, Janssen, AstraZeneca, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. During his career, Pete has participated in the marketing of brands from every vantage point. As part of the Wyeth sales team, he saw firsthand the impact healthcare communications and programs have within the patient community.

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”
—Theodore Roosevelt

Deb Jamer / EVP, Organizational Development

Deb’s practical, dynamic attitude is what makes McCann Health NJ–and its people–so special. A 27-year agency veteran, Deb has spearheaded many of the operational processes that have become the industry gold standard—for both global and regional accounts. She started in Account Services, where she helped to launch and grow business for a variety of clients, including GSK’s vaccine franchise and Pfizer’s Zyvox. Her unique ability to organize, anticipate, and act upon the needs of clients and staff propelled her to the position of EVP, Organizational Development. In this role, Deb has implemented programs that streamline agency procedures as well as those for employee recruitment, orientation, and training.

“Take a chance. You never know how perfect something might turn out to be.”