Looking to change behavior? Try introducing a new method of birth control into a market with decades of HCP familiarity with their existing behavior. Looking for results? Six weeks following the House Rules launch, the brand experienced a huge increase in new and overall prescriptions and dispensed units of Phexxi®.

"Especially now, it is beyond meaningful to me to have created work that promotes, at its core, the ability for women to have control over their own bodies." 
— Jillian W, VP, Creative Director

“The holy grail of creating memorable work that defies category norms is only made possible when you get to collaborate with clients who are not afraid to be daring.”  
 Alex D, VP, Brand and Engagement Strategy

“Not only did this campaign break boundaries within pharma, it went beyond by empowering women to stop settling and take control of their bodies, sex life, and reproductive health.”
 Melinda M, Associate Creative Director