The Unbearable Itch

The Unbearable Itch entered into a world of complacency. With a lack of FDA-approved medications, caregivers and their children had learned to accept itch as an unavoidable aspect of daily life with cholestatic liver disease.

Now, a staggering 100% of Community MDs believe that controlling itching can help delay/avoid a future liver transplant for patients with Alagille syndrome. This is a 79% increase from when the same question was posed one year prior in a pre-launch study.

“These physicians have seen dozens, if not hundreds, of saddened children with scratches and marks. By positioning it differently—by showing a beloved childhood staple in a darker, more poignant light—we are stopping physicians in their tracks. It’s truly been amazing to see how just a small shift in the way you position something can make a huge difference.”
— Alana M, Group Copy Supervisor

“It’s a rarity to see an original pitch concept get short-listed at Cannes.”
— Deb F, VP, Creative Director

“Our very first patient was prescribed Livmarli® the day after our team worked all weekend to go live with our launch materials after approval—soon after starting her medication she experienced meaningful relief from her itching for the first time in years. We helped make that happen and it meant everything. It’s why we come to work every day. What we do matters.”
— Brian S, SVP, Group Strategy Director